Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crossing the Line

Shooting in my campus again got my giddy self awake. After weeks of drowning into piles of newspapers and books I half-understand, it's such a breather that my school can serve something else for me other than trying to make me the nerdiest I can get. Thank God for my campus' clean lines and white walls that definitely suited my matchy-matchy plaid getup that I got only for P360! For commoners like me, bazaars are go-to sales! They have almost every fashion merchandise category available and under crazy markdowns that I fortunately can afford. One just have to be very patient to hunt for the best, unique finds. If you don't find the unique ones, make sure you style it in a way that your personal style stands out.

AND I can't miss the opportunity to gush over my new shoes. Went to two H&M stores and only got lucky in the 3rd when there were not only 2 pairs of these, there were 6 available or even 7 more. I couldn't believe it. Plus, it was 200 less than its first markdown price. I mean, come on. who wouldn't grab the bargain!!! PhP500 for H&M shoes! I don't know about you, but yes, please. 


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